• I am professional dog trainer and behavior consultant, also American King Shepherd breeder.

    As we moved here, to Phoenix from Pensacola FL, middle of June then I thought that I will take a moment to introduce myself and why I think our training is different than most of dog trainers. I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant, member of Association of Professional Dog Trainers and also certified Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog Evaluator. I have studied 11 months in Catch Canine Academy dog behavior and psychology, I also took the Jan Dunbar class to learn how to manage aggressive dogs. I have been training dogs 15+ years and a dog behavior consultant the last 4 years. During those 4 years I have helped more than 500 dogs who had behavior issues, most of those dog owners called me because they thought that their dog was aggressive, but mostly there was only a confused or shy dog who didn’t know how to behave. Only 1% of those dogs had real aggression!

    A lot of people think that dog training is expensive, but you will live with your 4 legged family member at least 10 years, with smaller dogs even longer and dog training is an Investment to the better future.

    So now about our training. If you are looking for cheap group classes or private training, you are on wrong page. If you are looking quality training to get fast help then that’s what we are doing! We do quality not quantity!

    So why I think we are different?

    As we are the source of dog behavior, everything counts: our body language, our energy, our emotions, our facial impression, how we communicate with our dogs. We love our 4 legged family members, but we need to remember that dogs are not humans. They don’t understand our language, but they read us like an open book. Most of the times, when our dogs don’t behave we need to look to the mirror and take the time to think “What we doing wrong, that’s my dog behaving like this?” There could be so many reasons. For Example: when our dog is lunging to other dogs and showing aggression, then…. We strengthen the leash automatically and feel nervousness, frustration, fear or something else and our dog picks this emotion up right away and behaves as he or she thinks they must behave.

    Our goal is to teach dog owner how to communicate with your dog properly not to confuse them, how to use your body language, voice, facial expression and energy to control your dog. All our clients have seen the improvement already in the first session and that’s why most of our clients don’t need us more than 2-3 times as they had learned how to get control over their dog.

    In our group classes we don’t just teach your dog’s basic commands, but we also help to prevent or get rid of any behavior issues, we teach you to use your body language, voice and energy to communicate with your dog properly, we teach your dog how to behave in public, ignoring everything and everybody, how to sit politely next to you when you stop to talk with somebody, or somebody wants to pet your dog or in vet visits. Off course they learn all basic commands also. After finishing our group class and you continuing to teach them, your dog, 9 times out of 10, does not require any intermediate classes, they are ready to go straight to Canine Good Citizen class.

    This is what we do and we love our work! We love dogs and they seem to love us too!


    Heidi Rowland