• Available puppies

    May 7, 2018
  • Puppies are arrived!!! They born 4/13/2018

    You can see more pictures and videos from our last litter in FB page www.facebook.com/kingshepherds/


    Companion dog prices (without breeding rights) 
    Male $2300 (long hair), $2100 (plush hair)
    Female $2200 (long hair), $2000 (plush hair)

    Puppy with breeding rights: $2800

    If you got companion puppy, then you MUST neuter/spay your dog 1y old and send us the proof from your Vet! 

    We will start to take deposit $400 as soon as puppies are born, because then we know how many and what sex. Deposits are non-refundable.  All prospective Buyers are required to speak with us by Phone and we will do background check before we will confirm puppy for you.

     We also asking a Puppy Request form, what I will send to everyone who wants me to add them to the puppy waiting list. As soon as I get the request form back I will add you to the waiting list. 
     We will ship puppies for extra cost (airplane ticket and crate), but we will preferred that new owner will come to pick up a puppy personally. Our puppies coming with contract and ARBA registration!