• Do you have problems with your dog or does your dog just need some obedience training?

    Does your dog pull on leash or do you need some help with house training?

    Do you have a new puppy or just adopted a new dog from shelter?

    Is your dog jumping on people?

    There are a variety of problems that we face every day with our dogs. I am here to help!

    It doesn't matter what the reason is, we can help you.

    And most importantly……we will tailor the training program considering you and your dog’s specific needs!



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  • Whether you are bringing a new born baby home from the hospital, buying a new puppy for your child, bringing home a new pet to cohabitate with a current pet, or simply need help selecting a new puppy or dog, a pet adaptation lesson can make your life transition easier with professional guidance.

    It is very important to know how to introduce your child and a dog to get good relationship from beginning. Your dog has to start to respect your child the same as he/she respects you.

    We can help you to make this process as easy as possible!! 

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  • Dog aggression is a complex topic that requires experience and skill to address it successfully. This type of behavior issue could end up in having to put your dog down.

    There are so many variations of dog aggression types that it is hard for dog owners to get to know exactly what is triggering that kind of dangerous behavior. With early signs of aggression it is much easier to treat your dog and get rid of this behavior. If you wait later aggression is developed far enough to be dangerous to the environment.

    Aggression never goes away by itself, it needs knowledge to treat it and 99% of dogs are treatable. There is only 1% dogs who are called "Red Zone Dogs", who's aggression has developed too far and too long to be safe to society.



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