• I have had the pleasure of working with Heidi of Great Companion Dog Training for many months now, as she volunteers her time several days a week at the Pensacola Humane Society. She has always been pleasant, honest, and full of fantastic advice for how to best train the dogs at the shelter. She uses only positive reinforcement to train the dogs, and within one session you can see the difference in any dog that she has worked with. She has tackled everything from walking on leash and sitting on command, to food and treat aggression with long time shelter residents. She has helped some of our most rambunctious residents to develop the manners they needed to find their forever homes. Heidi has also continued training with many of the shelter dogs once they are adopted into their new homes, working with any obstacle that may pop up, from dog-dog aggression to basic obedience and manners. In addition to the time she spends training the dogs, Heidi has also been volunteering her time to train other volunteers at the shelter. She has shown even the shyest of volunteers how to work with the dogs to encourage polite behavior while on leash. Under Heidi’s watchful eye, many of the volunteers have learned how to properly teach the commands wait, sit, and leave it. Heidi has been an absolute lifesaver for the staff, volunteers, and dogs at the Pensacola Humane Society. Her positive attitude and belief that any dog can be trained is a fantastic addition to the Pensacola Humane Society volunteer team. Thank you so much for everything Heidi! Stefanie Snyder Volunteer Coordinator Pensacola Humane Society

    Pensacola Humaine Society

  • Thank you for such a great experience in Puppy Kindergarten! Echo and I both learned a ton. Hoping we will be back for your Canine Good Citizen class in October! smile-emotikon

    Katelyn McCarthy


  • We had a wonderful experience in your CGC class, Heidi! Thanks for giving us valuable advice and guidance in training Elwood. We hope we can work with you to help Elwood get therapy dog certified in the near future. We hope to bring our younger puppy, Pensy, for CGC class if the dates work out too!!

    Vanessa Schroeder


  • We are lucky to have such a good trainer! Thank you so much for everything!

    Jennifer Rosen Hollen

  • Thanks to your caring instruction, my GSD Grace is a much better companion and citizen. I appreciate both the group and individual training she received during your CGC class. It was top notch!
    Gene Howe


    We would like to thank Heidi and her husband for coming to our aid helping us with our fearful aggressive dog. We know there is still work to be done, but he has come a long way.We know if we need Heidi's help in any way, she will be there to help. I highly recommend her training.


    We've tried so many different ways to help our dog realize that he is not the boss of the house. He'd run across our toes to get out the door, would go crazy when new people would come to the house, had a bit of possessive aggressiveness, and was close to impossible to walk on a leash. After just one session with Heidi she has shown us the correct ways to go about training and calming our dog.Upon he return in just one week of us keeping up with her methods he was becoming a new dog! I can't say enough about how effective Heidi is! If you are hesitant about enlisting her services or wondering if the cost is worth it. Rest assured it is, you will not be disappointed!!!


    Hello Heidi, I wanted to let you know that I found the exercises covered in your Growl Class to be very effective, and would recommend this training for any pet owner experiencing this behavior with their dog. Grace is doing much better now that I provide her a better alternative to her undesirable behavior. And, yes, I do KEEP THE LEASH LOOSE! Thank you for your excellent class.


    Heidi is very knowledgable and caring with the dogs and their owners. Really enjoyed the class. Will be working my dog so that I can join the canine good citizens class with Heidi in the fall. I would definitely recommend Heidi's classes


    We have 3 rescue dogs - Jack Russell mixes - all of them with very sad backgrounds and varying degrees of dog and people aggression. We contacted 3 of the well-known trainers in the Pensacola area when we needed help with aggression among our own dogs. 2 of them didn't bother to get back to us and 1 said that was more than they could handle. It got so bad that we were considering either finding a rescue that would take our one dog, who had started to attack another of our dogs (I know - not very likely) or even having him put down before he seriously injured one of our other dogs. I saw Heidi's add and decided to try one more time since we were desperate. I told Heidi about the situation and she calmly said "Yes, I can help you!" She said she could get the dogs to a place where they would tolerate and accept each other and we would have peace in the house again. Heidi came the very next day and immediately took charge of the situation. Heidi came to our house 4 times over a period of 3 weeks and in that short period of time, the house became peaceful again. The 2 problem dogs now ignored each other, we knew exactly what to look out for and could stop any problem before it really started. Needless to say, we were SO relieved that we didn't have to do something dramatic. We were so worried about potentially having to put our own dog down - I don't know how I would have lived with that It has now been over 6 months and we have not had a single problem in all that time. Heidi did exactly what she promised: She solved the problem and she got the dogs to behave and tolerate each other - and we got to have a peaceful house again. Thanks so much, Heidi! We are SO very grateful for everything you did. We would highly recommend Heidi to anyone with any kind of problem with their dogs. After the behavior problem was solved, we took one of our dogs to Heidi's Obedience Class and for the first time, this dog was able to relax and learn and made great progress in her class. We had tried another trainer and another beginner's class before - a complete disaster. But with Heidi, he did just fine. So not only do we highly recommend Heidi for problem dogs. We also highly recommend Heidi for basic training. Heidi is simply amazing.


    Excellent,and would recommend this trainer in a heartbeat! Very caring for your concerns,and listen well to what you feel,and how to go about helping you! Love this trainer for all that they do and continue to do,and with that being said,i'm so glad you came into our life and am forever greatful....